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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Greg Demetrious and his wife Carol (Office Manager) and their children

I am often asked why am I a Chiropractor? Chiropractic Saved My Life!

At the age of 5, I had severe allergies develop after my mother took me to my medical pediatrician. He injected me with some man made poison to lessen my sensitivity to poison ivy, but within days of starting the shots I developed a severe sensitivity to grass, eggs, and chocolate. I also began to be very sensitive to certain fabrics. I suffered for the next 18 years. I took more man made poisons to minimize the effects of the damage done.  These drugs would make me very tired and I could barely stay awake after taking the them. If I did not take the poison I would be out of my mind with itchy eyes and I would sneeze sometimes 50 times in a row. I was lied to by the medical person and the only way to tolerate life was to continue to lie to my body with more poisons.

When I was 23, my brother had graduated from Chiropractic school. One day he watched me almost sneeze my head off and asked me if I would like to be better, and maybe stop my sensitivity to the world. I answered, "Of course!". He said that he would be adjusting the first vertebra in my neck with a procedure called an “Upper Cervical Adjustment”. So we started. At first he adjusted me three times a week for about three months. I began to feel better about one month in to care and I could not believe it. I did not understand it, but I did not care. It was working!

Fast forward 12 months – I did not have any more symptoms like I had for the previous 18 years – WOW!

I asked my Chiropractor (my brother) what he did and he explained that there was an interference to how my brain was communicating with all parts of my body including my immune system, and by clearing the pathway my I body was now able to heal and become normal again.

Now my dilemma – I loved what I was doing in the computer industry. I graduated college with a degree in Electronic Engineering and built the most advanced computer network control centers in the world for some of the largest 100 companies in the world. I was being paid more than most CEO’s then.  How do I give that up.

My health was so changed by Chiropractic that I could not think clearly about anything else so I went back to college.

Fast forward 10 years – I start to heal the sick and infirm with my hands, with No poisons, No drugs, No pills, No potions, or syrups. Now after nineteen years of practicing there are certain truths that I witness everyday.

The Power that made your body heals your body.

We heal from Above - Down - Inside - Out (ADIO).

I have witnessed many miracles in my practice and the only way I would not practice Chiropractic is if I had no hands to do so. But then I would probably try to use my feet!

After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering in 1984, and serving the Fortune 100 corporations, with International Network Design and Control systems. Dr. Demetrious graduated with Cum Laude Honors in 1995 from Life University. During his studies at Life University Dr. Demetrious sought out and had the privilege of studying with several of the Chiropractic professions greatest researchers, developers, and teachers. Below is a partial list of these great doctors.

Dr. Sid Williams - Founder of Life Chiropractic College.  Dr. Williams instilled a passion for delivering the best Chiropractic care possible with the goal living with Lasting Purpose and giving, serving, loving and doing out of our abundance.

Dr. J. Clay Thompson - the developer of the Thompson Technique and many of the professions greatest innovations was a personal mentor and teacher to Dr. Demetrious for four years.

Dr. Michael Kale – owner of the only 24 hour Chiropractic hospital in the United States during the late 80’s and early 90’s, Dr. Kale taught the work of Dr. BJ Palmer the son of Dr. DD Palmer and developer of the Chiropractic Profession. Dr. Kale developed a residency program that established itself as the leading technique in the Chiropractic profession for Upper Cervical Brain stem Care.

Dr. Larry Webster – considered to be the father of Pediatric Chiropractic. Dr. Webster’s many years of clinical experience and teaching in the pediatric segment of Chiropractic drove him to start the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. His contribution to pediatric Chiropractic has saved many lives.

I studied with many others that paved the way so I can Love, Serve, Give and Do Chiropractic for you!

Thanks for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you.

Call me at 910-686-5433, or email me using the link and let’s schedule an appointment to explore your health options.