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Our History

Healing Hands Chiro-prak-tik in Wilmington, North Carolina

On September 18, 1995, on the day of the 100 Year Anniversary of the Chiropractic profession, my family and I opened the doors to our practice of Chiropractic. The day was very significant for my family as it was the culmination of 10 years of education to earn a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Since then I have served Southeastern North Carolina with pride committing myself to providing exceptional quality Chiropractic healthcare.

In order to start to solve your health problem we must first understand it. Over the past 19 years of caring for patients I have used advanced diagnostic laser aligned x-ray and use advanced infrared thermographic technology to define your condition. Understanding the cause of your health problem is my first priority. Once we understand your condition we can get to work to try and solve or improve your life and health.

Chiropractic healthcare is built on the foundation that Innate Intelligence flows over and through the Nervous System and controls and coordinates all functions of the body. If there is Subluxation (interference to the transmission of mental impulses) then the body will be in a state of dis-ease (Lack of Ease), which left unchecked will lead to disease.

Chiropractic proposes that restoring full capacity of quantity flow of mental impulses through correction of and removal of subluxation can optimize your return to health. Chiropractors through advanced education and training are uniquely qualified to care for these conditions.

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